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Never forget this! Life is short and should be lived to its fullest. The best way to do this is to put your life in the hands of Christ Jesus and walk with Him all the way.

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Friday, October 28, 2011


Being a Christian doesn't make us spooky nor prophets of doom. Christ came to liberate us from fear and all its appendages. Unfortunately, many seem to be looking out for the spooky and that confirms the words of St Paul to his son Timothy that in the last days many will gather teachers to tell them what they 'want' to hear! People are 'prophelying' in the Name of the LORD and getting God's people bound in fear. Fear has torment and produces irrational actions. Many of God's people rather than walk in true faith today are living in perpetual fear from which Christ came to ransom us all. The truth is that any vision, prophecy etc that builds fear in you, annoys you rather than cause you to love Christ more is just manipulation of the mind and taking advantage of your ignorance. Visions, prophecies and insights are to tell us God's mind concerning us and its always to draw us to repent in such a loving way or his judgement over evil in our life or around us. Its never to announce the devil's activities. When did the LORD become Satan's broadcaster. Jesus said to Peter 'The devil sought to sift you like wheat but I have prayed for you'. Jesus is a solution giver not and announcer of evil plots, ploys and activities! How great is our God! That is why its important to hide yourself in the Name of Jesus. In the spiritual realm there are myriads of activities against you but when you are hidden in Christ they will plot, plan and forge but it can't harm you. Do you know how many wars are currently over your life or the ones past that God has delivered you from? Do you know how many times Satan has sought to kill you? Do you know how many people who hate you without cause or have cursed you when you didn't know and God averted it? ‎​We don't know these things so the only assurance we have that no matter the evil that comes known or unknown, is to have your life hid in Christ and daily ask Him to order your steps. With that you can stay calm and declare 'evn though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death (knowingly or unknowingly) I will FEAR NO EVIL'. Why? Because the LORD IS with me. That's a higher life than getting info about some coven activities. Satan, his people and his activities are not bigger than our God! God is not an irresponsible Father that until you go into days of Fasting and vigorous gyration before he hears your prayer! Come on! Before we even get to call, He promises to answer! He promised to watch over his own DAY and NIGHT! He even watches over the wicked and tries to woo them to repent! Beloved, we are in what Jesus told us is the last days where by our traditions we make God's word ineffective. Because we are Africans and have a penchant for spiritual things we have married the two-the gospel and our traditional religion. It takes true students of the Bible to tell the difference They look alike because the Bible makes many spiritual issues clear but they are different ‎​God is a RESPONSIBLE Father. ‎​He takes care of His own and especially those who come to Him like kids and hide under His shadow! Love you my dear friend. Kick the devil in the butt, give him a bloody nose in the Name of Jesus Christ then lift up your hands and give your God some good praise. Your only guarantee is to accept the Lordship of Christ, love God deeply, fear Him ALONE and do good to ALL men when it is in your power to do it. Not goodness to win their favor but as a human who knows your every action is seen will be judged by God. That way you have a divine life insurance policy. SELAH! See you next time

Friday, October 7, 2011


I'll be totally straight with you . . . I don't like it when someone tells me that I'm making a mistake or that am wrong. Call it foolish pride I suppose. Can you relate with that too? After all, no one's perfect and I know I make mistakes. There are things I have done that only God knows and I sure thank Him for His mercies that endure forever! I have found myself in places and positions I never in my wildest dreams would have contemplated. There are also things I have failed to do and many times I wonder if I will ever have another opportunity to make amends. Anyways, truth be told no one's perfect living here. This goes for many of us Christians who want to see life through perfect spectacles! Amazing teaching from the Master himself that there are two different kinds of houses-the one built on sand and the one built on the rock. When the rains, winds, waves and storms (4 different categories of trials and temptations) come, only those founded on the Rock will stand. Brings me to a simple conclusion. I can't determine what nor when the storms will come. Its not in my power to decide when a trial or a temptation comes. They may come at weak moments and I find myself making some gross mistakes. So I can't promise to be perfect but you know what? I sure can promise to love Him with a perfect heart. I can promise to run to Him even after the mistakes I make. His love and mercies (notice its in plural) endures (is longlasting) forever! O la la! That's a spot for a Faith Shout!!! No wonder our Blessed Savior when asked what the greatest commandment is; without equivocation said, its two of a kind- Love the LORD thy God with ALL thy heart... and Love thy neighbour as thyself. I can promise to do that!!!!! SELAH!! See you next time. (c) 2011 Chinelo Dillimono

Friday, September 30, 2011


Life is truly amazing. My recent mantra has been "I can begin again with the passion of a child!" and I truly believe it. God always gives us new opportunities to start again. The Prophet Isaiah spoke about God doing a new thing. Jesus through John the Revelator says "Behold I make ALL things new". I can give a Faith Shout for that! Failure, it is said, is never final. The battle is not over until you win. Most often it seems we are at the end of the road and we tend to put a closure on it but its usually a bend. The end of one road is the beginning of a new one! If there happens to be a mountain on my way, then I bore a hole through it. I won't give up now because its not working. I won't throw in the towel because I made a mistake; or putting it succintly, I sinned. I will not let the enemy have a field day because I have messed up my last opportunity. I won't stop dreaming because I have hit the big 4 and looks like I'm stepping into the evening of life! I won't give up on friendships because one went sour! I won't stop being a blessing because someone didn't appreciate my last sacrifice. I can't stop loving because I have been hurt by someone who probably didn't deserve my love (I wonder if there's really anyone undeserving of love). That I failed at something doesn't mean I can't win at something else. Truth is; I CAN BEGIN AGAIN! I can be renewed and ready for a fresh start. Yes I can! I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me. I can begin with a new passion and make a success of whatever I have set my heart to. So what do I do then? I will wake up from my slumber; look myself in the mirror and tell myself one more time: I CAN BEGIN AGAIN! SELAH! See you next time!

Friday, September 23, 2011


I used to be a non-conforming idealist who saw life through what I believed was Ideal! I mean if something is black why say its got a shade of grey or worse still try to convince me that it is actually white, being reflected as black or something as crazy as that? I saw life as one straight road and of course with my scientific mind I believed that, as is seen in all mathematical equations, 1 + 1 should invariably be 2! No matter the proposed hypothesis tomorrow if there ever should be, at least to the best of my knowledge, I don't think another theory would be proposed tomorrow that 1 + 1 is now 8 or something as preposterous as that! I couldn't see why certain people fall for certain things! Now in hindsight I wonder what shade of spectacles I really wore! Anyways, I think many live in that ideal world where for example Jack meets Jill, they fall in love and they live happily ever after or brother X marries sister Y and never have marital storms that threaten the foundation of their marital experience or one gets born-again and after their salvation experience, never fall into temptation because its all a smooth ride or probably never have some habits or stuff to deal with! In this 'Ideal World', nothing SHOULD go wrong for crying out loud! I mean once you get saved everything should be alright, right? WRONG!!! The 'younger' I get the more I see the truth about this life and walking with the LORD. When we read the words of the Psalmist, he says '...even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death...".. Hmm! So there are moments when the one whom the LORD shepherds actually could walk through such a valley? Don't we all wish it doesn't have to be so? However in the real world where I now belong, it is a daily walk! It is a daily cry 'Precious LORD take my hand and lead me on". When am up on the mountain or down in the valley of life I must always remember, He loves me with a love that will never let me go. I should never judge another through the spectacles for my vision as He knows the way we all take and sometimes He may take Daniel through the lion's den in order to show the kings of the earth in our lives that He is the King of kings! He may take a young innocent Joseph through various stages only to to have him end up in a dungeon, in order to show the world that He can take a man from the dunghills and place him to sit with kings and princes! He may choose to elect a Solomon, born out of a relationship whose genesis is adulterous and tainted with murder of the 1st degree (my judgement) yet place him on the throne of Israel and give him rest on every side! No wonder Paul daring or should I say with a slip of his pen began to say that now we have come to know God, corrected himself and stated that God has come to know us because we really do not know Him. He is a mystery that is only unfolded in our daily walk with His Spirit. So what is the conclusion of this matter? Simply, ONE DAY AT A TIME! Putting my hands in His hands and trusting Him to lead me all the way. Never pretending or should I say presupposing I have all the answers to all the stuff that's going on in my life. Never thinking that I understand all mysteries about Him and know the way my life should take because in the words of Oswald Chambers (My Utmost for His Highest), He sometimes may pass me through uncertain waters which have nothing to do with me but the lives that He wants to send my way. SELAH! See you next time!!!

Friday, September 16, 2011


There is such a craze to have, to be and to show! Many struggle to be like or to be more than! Others strive to have as much as or if possible have more than other! There is such a blind competition that is tearing God's people apart rather than unify as the Spirit of Christ desires. For instance every Saturday there is a wedding and many seek to 'out-dress' the others if possible be the silent star of the day or probably the one to make the fashion statement of that day. Many-a-singer (that's my department), wants to 'out-sing' the others who went upstage so they get the loudest applause and the list goes on and on. Paul speaking to the Corinthian church taught us all a blessed way to live where each one simply lives to their optimum comparing themselves with whom they see themselves to be through the eyes of the scriptures and with no other mortal. When we compare ourselves with ourselves, we are not wise he says! You cannot be running a race and looking backwards for who is closest to you, catching up with you or even about to outrun you! That will certainly slow you down! He gives the best prescription to the Hebrews when He says to each one of us, 'Looking unto Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith'! Each one of us needs to keep our eyes on the mark for the prize of our HIGHCALLING in Christ Jesus! I feel like shouting a big HALLELUYAH!! When I cease from comparing myself with anyone, then I begin to see the uniqueness and beauty in others and strive to encourage them to be their best. I will see that I do not have everything but a portion of the divine nature that needs absolute expression on earth and everyone created by God has a unique portion of the Divine that needs full manifestation and interestingly we are all interlinked and cannot get to the apex of our purpose without others. So, when all is said an done, truly LIFE IS A STAGE and each has a part to play, when your part is done, you leave the stage for someone else to play their part. In His eyes though, even when you are not one the centre stage but either are waiting to play your part, have played your part or are right now on the centre stage, each one is a STAR in His eyes if we walk with Him and do His will!! Hmm! Here's a thought. How would it be when each STAR learns to celebrate every other STAR? When you are offstage you stand in high applause for the one onstage and celebrate the courage of the ones who are now offstage. Hmm! I really wonder!! SELAH!! See you next time!! (c) 2011 Chinelo Dillimono

Saturday, September 10, 2011


When she woke up that morning, I guess her sleep must have been pretty light. Somewhere in between her sleep thinking, wondering, possibly calculating. She alone knew the burden on her heart. She alone knew where He had touched her life. Truly, she who has been forgiven little loves little and she who has been forgiven much loves much!

She loved Him but she needed to show it. But how? What does she have to give Him? What can she do to make Him know how much she appreciates Him? She's heard it Him teach about not letting your left hand know what your right hand is doing so how can she show her Master her love for Him?

Then she remembers! Alas! There is an Alabaster box worth a whole year's wages that she'd kept for sometime in the future. It was her priceless possession. It was her savings for her future. She alone knew the cost of that oil! She alone knew the attachment she had had to it. She alone knew what it meant to her but you see, ANYTHING FOR JESUS! had become her mantra! Anything to show Him how much He is loved.

Interesting how Simon the Leper could criticize her! He had forgotten that according to the Jewish laws he was what my people (the Igbos) call an OSU! An outcast, one who's place of dwelling according to the Law was outside the camp but who had by virtue of the mercy of Christ received access yet he boldly could criticize this young lady who only Jesus knew the weight she's carried, why and for how long!

Yet, inspite of the criticism, the snares, the behind the scenes whispers, the gossip, the side comments (she too dey do), out of the depths of her heart was a simple determination; ANYTHING FOR MY JESUS!

He was worth it all! He had given her hope for a better life, a better future, a stable existence. He had become her all and deserved her all!

My heart sings, ANYTHING FOR MY JESUS! I will let down my pride, I will take the scoffs and snares! I will endure the disbelief and silent abuses; ALL FOR MY JESUS! I will serve for Him, Love for Him, Live for Him, Deny myself for Him, Go through the pain for Him, Touch for Him, Stand for Him,Sing for Him!! ANYTHING FOR MY JESUS!!!

Saturday, August 6, 2011


Loving Christ is one of the greatest things and profits that can ever be made! He is most real. Many times in our lives, possibly because of the picture painted by the 21st Century Church that it will always be well, smooth-riding, fine, no troubles, no struggles, no problems type of Christianity, we get lost when the boat of our lives seem to rock.Amazingly, it is when our boats are rocking that we really see the power of God in operation!

Recently I was on a flight with my kids going home after a few days away from home! The weather was so bad and the flight was quite rough and turbulent. Like everybody else, I was pretty scared! Hey! I was with both my kids!!! My destiny is still unfolding before me, my beloved husband was waiting at the airport to pick us up and here I was in an uncertain flight with my 'generations'!

Somewhere in my spirit, God's word and promises of protection began to roll into my spirit and I spoke them into the air! Of course I had to encourage my son with same scriptures to boost his faith! At some point here was my son speaking God's word and praying to the one whom he has learned is the only one who holds the whole world in his hands! Did I mention that at some point my kids began to sing 'He's got the whole world, in His hands'? Oh sure they did and I knew that song came from their spirit! Guess who joined in the song!!

Now I had to give a FAITH SHOUT! Why? Not because I wasn't scared, after all who wants to die before time or even in a plane crash anyway. I understood that my life is in the hands of one greater than all! Not only did I trust Him with my life or had I entrusted Him with the lives of my kids and of course the lives of everyone on that flight. I began to see that this situation was building in my kids a faith I cannot build in them myself! I saw the fact that this was a moment where God Himself was teaching my son Himself, through his situation that the only one to trust in is God. I began to see that it is in the midst of our troubles that faith is built! We see God move in tremendous ways that we cannot see Him when there are no storms to deal with!

Faith doesn't say that everything will be alright all the time,but faith says that in the midst of my troubles, trials, temptations, weaknesses, uncertainties, I will still recognize who has my life in His hands, bow before Him and give Him a praise!

Shout to the LORD, All the earth let us sing! Power and majesty, praise to our King! Hey, you don't need to FEEL like shouting to SHOUT His praise! Our God works by principles not by feelings. Besides the just lives by faith! Can someone give a FAITH SHOUT! Watch those mountains come down!!!!

See you next time!!

Monday, May 16, 2011


There is a difference between a Christian marriage and a marriage between two professing Christians. It is possible to be two church attending Christians yet have a completely unchristian home or should I say marriage. It is truly unfortunate what is seen in homes today and sadly enough many unmarried folks are crazy about running into marriage. It is glaring and a known fact that too many are preparing for the wedding but very few are truly preparing for the marriage which is a totally different kettle of fish!

In today's world you have even in Christian homes abusive, disrespectful partners who have no qualms with treating their spouses in an unchristian manner. Words spoken to their spouses are almost like what Paul said that these things should not once be mentioned among you. Yet they are found in the homes and marriages of many Christians. Their light seems to shine only in Church and before the brethren but are completely unconcerned that our Christian testimony actually begins from the house. I have come to the conclusion that if my spouse cannot affirm and attest to my Christian conduct and character then I have got some homework to do.

A Christian marriage is one being built by two Christians submitted to the Word of God and the workings of the Holy Spirit. A marriage is not built in a day but rather is a process of together laying aside certain elements, attributes, attitudes and character traits that negate God's word and picking up that which makes for the honor of the name of Christ you bear and the marriage you are building. Your wedding is the door into marriage. Marriage is a journey that only ends in death and not divorce!

Prov 24:3 says by WISDOM a house/home/marriage is built and 1Cor1:30 says Christ is our WISDOM. Therefore it means 'By Christ a marriage is built'! Christ in us is the wisdom we need to build our homes. it's unfortunate when we see some Christian try to build their marriages on certain demeaning traditions that have no bearing in Christ! Christ is our TRADITION!

Here are some Christ-like Elements for a Blissful Christian Marriage

a. The Love of God (Agape-unconditional) The Bible enjoins us to Follow the WAY of love, 1Cor16:14 - Do EVERYTHING in love, 1Pet1:22 - Love DEEPLY from the heart, Eph4:16 - BUILDING (Edifying) in love. Love your spouse unconditionally is no different from the demands of loving the brotherhood unconditionally. The true proof of our love life is when we can love the person we live with and wake up every morning with, unconditionally. Most often in marriages we tend to rely on the love ‘feeling’ and it is fickle. It changes depending on the circumstances we find ourselves in at various seasons in our lives. Rather we need to depend on the love commitment which transcends feeling and becomes our decision, choice and determination, to love our partners inspite of them, what they do or don’t do but because we have made a commitment to love and besides in accordance with our Christian responsibility, we should love them.\

b. Mutual Respect (Respect is EARNED not forced). In many cases it is believed that it is the woman's obligation to respect her husband and indeed we see it spelt out clearly in Eph5:33 - Wives RESPECT your husband (For his God-given position)but the scriptures also instructs the man to respect his wife as seen in 1Pet3:7 - Husbands RESPECT your wife (For her person)

c. Justice & Fairness (Godly consideration i.e. what is RIGHT and FAIR) God seeks justice and fairness in the marriage garden that he planted. He seeks just laws that don't oppress or deprive or rob God-given rights as a human being. Jesus says do unto others as you would have them do unto you - THE GOLDEN RULE!

d. Forgiveness - As Christ forgives us unconditionally. Prov12:16 says that love OVERLOOKS an insult, 1Cor13:5 - Love keeps NO RECORD of wrongs, Col3:13 - Forgive GRIEVANCES as Christ forgives you (How does God forgive us?) Mic7:19 - He HURLS/CASTS them to the depths of the sea and Jer31:34-He FORGETS them

e. Righteous communication (Words are SEEDS)It is imperative that our speech in marriage is handled carefully. One careless word uttered could send a signal into the veins of the marriage that will affect the home almost for life. It's amazing how many in their marriages have called their spouses 'Satan'. Hmm! Did you marry satan? The scriptures enjoin us in 2Cor6:7 - TRUTHFUL speech, Tit2:8 - SOUND speech, 1Pet3:10 - Refrain from DECEITFUL speech and Col4:6 - SEASONED/EDIFYING speech

In conclusion, we must understand that marriage is a MINISTRY not an end. God requires faithfulness to that which He has committed to your care. Faithfulness is simply means adherence to promises and observance of duty! It means true to the facts, standards or original. Marriage ends here so be faithful to building it and may the name of the LORD be honored in all our homes.

(c) Chinelo Ifeoma Dillimono 2011

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Thursday, January 27, 2011


Its never too late to present a new you! Every New Year is an opportunity for every woman to re-evaluate herself and take on the challenge of becoming a FRONTLINE WOMAN!
Life they say is short
Life is what YOU make out of it
Life will NEVER give you what you deserve; you've got to take it
Life becones for you waht you make out of it
Life is a CHOICE!

In 2011, choose to become a FRONTLINE WOMAN!

Question is how?

Here are 7 Rules to apply in this new year
a. Forget about yesterdays failures or even successes! They are all history
b. Be ready for a FRESH START! Be willing to reinvent yourself!
c. Birth a new vision
- A powerful vision will generate commitment, stimulate improvement and guide you in your decision-making
d. Have a workable plan
e. Build a Network for yourself
- Mentors (Those above you who will inspire you)
- Contemporaries (Those who can celebrate and cry with you)
- Mentees (Those you are inspiring and nuturing)
f. Service your network
- Spend on your network (Call, remeber birthdays, anniversaries, celebrate them, cry with them, surprise them)
- Keep in touch with them (Close the gaps as often as possible)
- Support your network (Add value to them, standby them, strengthen and encourage them)
g. Add value to yourself
- Get some extra training in your field
- Improve on your skills
- Reinvent yourself (Character, attitude, your spirtual walk)

Welcome to a year where you make every effort and take steps that will bring out the best of the woman in you!

See you next time!!!