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Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Isn't it interesting how girls and guys are so generous with love affection and care pre-maritally but suddenly become very stingy post-maritally? It seems that many caution themselves not to be too generous with it else the partner begins to take them for granted. Hey! Who else should take you for granted if not the one you love who loves you back? I always ask what people will do with all the love they carry in their hearts in the grave. Loving your spouse and being generous with your love is really the greatest gift you can give. Material gifts perish with use but love impresses an indelible mark on the heart of its recipient. Love never dies rather is a seed that brings a bountiful harvest to the giver

One of my life's philosophy about loving is 'Once you feel it, give it'. It extends even to other relationships. You know in my few years of existence and marriage, I have found out that there are moments we have this rush of love for our spouses. I personally believe those are divine moments that adds ions of years to the relationships if we maximize it. You may be in the office thinking about something totally different then that flood fills your heart, its time to be generous with it, Call your spouse and express it, send a text or an email. Let them know what you feel about them! The only sugar in my tea, skeleton in my cupboard :), love of my life whatever! Just express it. Let them know they are important to you.

You know I believe the reason why some people are stingy and deny themselves the awesomeness of the generosity of love is because they have been hurt before by their spouses and they don't want to be taken advantage of anymore, or they have seen other couples go through some tough times because one partner took advantage of the other; sometimes it's simply pride taking its toll on the one refusing to give it.

Hey! Life is too short to keep yourself from expressing love and maximizing all that emotion in your heart. You know we all had dreams of what it would be but most of the time it seems we didn't get our dream. Truth be told, your love dream is yours to make. If you sow seeds of love you get a harvest of love. That's simply the principle! What we watch sometimes in the movies are fantasies but love is a CHOICE and not HAPPENSTANCE! Love makes life and living so much fun and worth living. Quarrelling and disagreeing are all part of the marital package but are stepping stones to a greater relationship when you learn to fight according to the rules!

Well that's about it! Feel it, just give it! Don't die with it!