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Thursday, January 27, 2011


Its never too late to present a new you! Every New Year is an opportunity for every woman to re-evaluate herself and take on the challenge of becoming a FRONTLINE WOMAN!
Life they say is short
Life is what YOU make out of it
Life will NEVER give you what you deserve; you've got to take it
Life becones for you waht you make out of it
Life is a CHOICE!

In 2011, choose to become a FRONTLINE WOMAN!

Question is how?

Here are 7 Rules to apply in this new year
a. Forget about yesterdays failures or even successes! They are all history
b. Be ready for a FRESH START! Be willing to reinvent yourself!
c. Birth a new vision
- A powerful vision will generate commitment, stimulate improvement and guide you in your decision-making
d. Have a workable plan
e. Build a Network for yourself
- Mentors (Those above you who will inspire you)
- Contemporaries (Those who can celebrate and cry with you)
- Mentees (Those you are inspiring and nuturing)
f. Service your network
- Spend on your network (Call, remeber birthdays, anniversaries, celebrate them, cry with them, surprise them)
- Keep in touch with them (Close the gaps as often as possible)
- Support your network (Add value to them, standby them, strengthen and encourage them)
g. Add value to yourself
- Get some extra training in your field
- Improve on your skills
- Reinvent yourself (Character, attitude, your spirtual walk)

Welcome to a year where you make every effort and take steps that will bring out the best of the woman in you!

See you next time!!!