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Friday, October 5, 2012


For some reason of which I can't explain, I recently have decided to share my thoughts on varied issues as they come. So do bear with me and share yours as well and if possible make your comments. Sometime ago, a friend sent me a link on BB asking, "Could this be true of our brother?" "Which brother?" I asked. "Ah Ah! Pastor Chris Okotie! Haven't you heard of his second divorce?". Of course as at then I hadn't so what else than to pick my blackberry and open up the link. After reading a few articles and scanning through some of the sad insulting comments of many, my heart broke both for Nigeria as a nation and the Church in Nigeria as a whole. My heart bled at the soul-wrenching words from people including churchfolks thrown at a fellow human being (without mentioning the fact that he's God's servant because that will sure trigger some arsenal!!). Its amazing how we find it so easy to draw swords at each other once the chips are down without thinking and it seems it has become our new trade to finish the job the enemy started. We point accusing fingers at others whereas we have more pointing back at us. We even accuse others in areas we know if put in the same position we'd do same or probably worse! Reminds of the old church cliche- Don't be holier than thou! Now, please don't get me wrong because I am actually totally anti-divorce and am absolutely not in support that marriages breakdown. In fact I believe we all need to work stuff through because grass is NOT greener on the otherside. Most often it seems so but truth be told, it NEVER is! It only looks greener till you get there then we find its got some brown and some dead rotten grass as well! Probably worse than what you had!! I believe God is a matchmaker and every marriage has its silverline. The problem is that when we can't find the silverline we cave in and give up. Brings me to another side point. So much for how much we believe in prayer. We believe God can and advice others to pray when they are in the hotseat but when the enemy is in our own backyard it seems prayer can't just handle it. Hmph! What a laugh or should I say hypocrisy! No wonder someone once said the greatest actors are not in hollywood, nollywood, bollywood or the newest of them ghollywood but in the church! Do what I say and not what I do!!! This whole craze, raving and ranting that as a man of God he should be an example, he should show the way, he must have a problem and so on may be true, I don't know him nor have I ever met him before BUT my problem without trying to sound sanctimonious is the same as that of Jesus and my question is the same besides other thoughts! He who is without sin let him cast the first stone! Remember the woman CAUGHT in adultery who was brought to Jesus? Question is, where was the man? How come he wasn't brought for stoning too? It goes to show that even way back in Bible times the justice of man (not gender) has and still is lopsided! We condemn the known or obvious and pretend the unknown doesn't exist. Simply a clear case of the 11th Commandment-Thou shalt not be found!!! As long as my case is unknown to them then am fine and justified to crucify the one whose sin is now public news!! Its always so easy to draw swords and shout 'Crucify Him' yet its the same hypocrites who a while back were hailing 'Hosanna in the highest, Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord!' I wonder who was in attendance at his second wedding with all its pomp and pageantry. I sure know it wasn't a Buddhist or an Imam that joined them nor was it members of Jehovah witnesses nor Eckankar that sat in the congregation as witnesses!!! It was the Church!!! The question for everyone who's spoken a word against this man or any other whose issues have become public news, for everyone who's written a post on some social network, who's condemned him for his actions is, are you innocent? There is such a deceptive cloud over many hearts and minds and we need God to cleanse our hearts and teach us to live the scripture-He that thinks he stands TAKE HEED lest he falls and Let them that are strong and spiritual restore him that is weak! This is because we all have our faults and secret sins and mind you there is no big or small sin in the Kingdom. Lying is as big a sin as adultery, greed, hatred, malice, stealing and covetousness. If you fail in one you fail in ALL. What he's done is no different from those who are still married but their hearts are in anothers house! Its no different from those who have their wives or husbands at home and have a bb lover, email lover, facebook lover or out of town lover. Its no different from taking ANYTHING that's not yours be it money things etc. When you get involved in well packaged fraud its still sin. When you go against constituted authority, its sin! When you have an abortion it is sin! When you have an emotional affair, internet affair, sexual affair or any digital affair of this new age, its still a sin!!! SIN IS SIN! Everyone is meant to live in the light of scriptures. Permit me to say, God never sent Men or Women of God to be our examples. They are the vessels God uses to speak His mind!! Jesus is our PERFECT example. We follow Him, we can't go wrong! When His servant and messenger fails, we must empathize and pray for the church because when one part of the Body suffers EVERYBODY suffers. Be not deceived Christ is not divided!! What happens to one of us hurts ALL of us! I rest my case. See you next time and God bless