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Never forget this! Life is short and should be lived to its fullest. The best way to do this is to put your life in the hands of Christ Jesus and walk with Him all the way.

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Saturday, August 6, 2011


Loving Christ is one of the greatest things and profits that can ever be made! He is most real. Many times in our lives, possibly because of the picture painted by the 21st Century Church that it will always be well, smooth-riding, fine, no troubles, no struggles, no problems type of Christianity, we get lost when the boat of our lives seem to rock.Amazingly, it is when our boats are rocking that we really see the power of God in operation!

Recently I was on a flight with my kids going home after a few days away from home! The weather was so bad and the flight was quite rough and turbulent. Like everybody else, I was pretty scared! Hey! I was with both my kids!!! My destiny is still unfolding before me, my beloved husband was waiting at the airport to pick us up and here I was in an uncertain flight with my 'generations'!

Somewhere in my spirit, God's word and promises of protection began to roll into my spirit and I spoke them into the air! Of course I had to encourage my son with same scriptures to boost his faith! At some point here was my son speaking God's word and praying to the one whom he has learned is the only one who holds the whole world in his hands! Did I mention that at some point my kids began to sing 'He's got the whole world, in His hands'? Oh sure they did and I knew that song came from their spirit! Guess who joined in the song!!

Now I had to give a FAITH SHOUT! Why? Not because I wasn't scared, after all who wants to die before time or even in a plane crash anyway. I understood that my life is in the hands of one greater than all! Not only did I trust Him with my life or had I entrusted Him with the lives of my kids and of course the lives of everyone on that flight. I began to see that this situation was building in my kids a faith I cannot build in them myself! I saw the fact that this was a moment where God Himself was teaching my son Himself, through his situation that the only one to trust in is God. I began to see that it is in the midst of our troubles that faith is built! We see God move in tremendous ways that we cannot see Him when there are no storms to deal with!

Faith doesn't say that everything will be alright all the time,but faith says that in the midst of my troubles, trials, temptations, weaknesses, uncertainties, I will still recognize who has my life in His hands, bow before Him and give Him a praise!

Shout to the LORD, All the earth let us sing! Power and majesty, praise to our King! Hey, you don't need to FEEL like shouting to SHOUT His praise! Our God works by principles not by feelings. Besides the just lives by faith! Can someone give a FAITH SHOUT! Watch those mountains come down!!!!

See you next time!!