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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Elements of a Blissful Christian Marriage

There is a difference between a Christian marriage and a marriage between two professing Christians. It is possible to be two church attending Christians yet have a completely unchristian home or should I say marriage. It is truly unfortunate what is seen in home today and sadly enough many unmarried folks are crazy about running into marriage. It is glaring and a known fact that too many are preparing for the wedding but very few are truly preparing for the marriage which is a totally different kettle of fish!

In today's world you have even in Christian homes abusive, disrespectful partners who have no qualms with treating their spouses in an unchristian manner. Words spoken to their spouses are almost like what Paul said that these things should not once be mentioned among you. Yet they are found in the homes and marriages of many Christians. Their light seems to shine only in Church and before the brethren but are completely unconcerned that our Christian testimony actually begins from the house. I have come to the conclusion that if my spouse cannot affirm and attest to my Christian conduct and character then I have got some homework to do.

A Christian marriage is one being built by two Christians submitted to the Word of God and the workings of the Holy Spirit. A marriage is not built in a day but rather is a process of together laying aside certain elements, attributes, attitudes and character traits that negate God's word and picking up that which makes for the honor of the name of Christ you bear and the marriage you are building. Your wedding is the door into marriage. Marriage is a journey that only ends in death and not divorce!

Prov 24:3 says by WISDOM a house/home/marriage is built and 1Cor1:30 says Christ is our WISDOM. Therefore it means 'By Christ a marriage is built'! Christ in us is the wisdom we need to build our homes. it's unfortunate when we see some Christian try to build their marriages on certain demeaning traditions that have no bearing in Christ! Christ is our TRADITION!

Here are some Christ-like Elements for a Blissful Christian Marriage

a. The Love of God (Agape-unconditional) The bible enjoins us to Follow the WAY of love, 1Cor16:14 - Do EVERYTHING in love, 1Pet1:22 - Love DEEPLY from the heart, Eph4:16 - BUILDING (Edifying) in love. Love your spouse unconditionally is no different from the demands of loving the brotherhood unconditionally.

b. Mutual Respect (Respect is EARNED not forced). In many cases it is believed that it is the woman's obligation to respect her husband and indeed we see it spelt out clearly in Eph5:33 - Wives RESPECT your husband (For his God-given position)but the scriptures also instructs the man to respect his wife as seen in 1Pet3:7 - Husbands RESPECT your wife (For her person)

c. Justice & Fairness (Godly consideration i.e. what is RIGHT and FAIR) God seeks justice and fairness in the marriage garden that he planted. He seeks just laws that don't oppress or deprive or rob God-given rights as a human being. Jesus says do unto others as you would have them do unto you - THE GOLDEN RULE!

d. Forgiveness - As Christ forgives us unconditionally. Prov12:16 says that love OVERLOOKS an insult, 1Cor13:5 - Love keeps NO RECORD of wrongs, Col3:13 - Forgive GRIEVANCES as Christ forgives you (How does God forgive us?) Mic7:19 - He HURLS/CASTS them to the depths of the sea and Jer31:34-He FORGETS them

e. Righteous communication (Words are SEEDS)It is imperative that our speech in marriage is handled carefully. One careless word uttered could send a signal into the veins of the marriage that will affect the home almost for life. It's amazing how many in their marriages have called their spouses 'Satan'. Hmm! Did you marry satan? The scriptures enjoin us in 2Cor6:7 - TRUTHFUL speech, Tit2:8 - SOUND speech, 1Pet3:10 - Refrain from DECEITFUL speech and Col4:6 - SEASONED/EDIFYING speech

In conclusion, we must understand that marriage is a MINISTRY not an end. God requires faithfulness to that which He has committed to your care. Faithfulness is simply means adherence to promises and observance of duty! It means true to the facts, standards or original. Marriage ends here so be faithful to building it and may the name of the LORD be honored in all our homes.

(c) Chinelo Ifeoma Dillimono 2009

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