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Thursday, November 30, 2017

Chinelo Dillimono releases New Christmas Single - OH HOLY NIGHT

With Christmas around the corner, singer/songwriter, author and pastor - Chinelo Dillimono makes a timely appearance with the release of her outstanding remake of popular carol titled - 'O Holy Night'. 

Perfectly timed to reflect the beauty of the Christmas season, Chinelo’s version of 'O Holy Night' reflects on the birth of Jesus and humanity’s hope for redemption through him.

The singing edition of the widely sang Christmas carol was written by John Dwight in 1855. Through the years it has been performed all over the world and in recent times by other popular musicians, Chinelo, who amongst other things, has four other albums to her name, is a versatile soprano singer and promises an outstanding experience in her offering. 
''I am very excited about this single because it embodies the foundation of our faith, the birth of Christ our Saviour.'' said Chinelo. 

The multi-album singer, who has written and performed many other songs, says that this is the first in a series of singles she will be releasing in the coming year. 

“The focus for now though is on this. I have always wanted to do a song about Christmas and O Holy Night gave me the perfect sound and message for the season” she said.

Chinelo Dillimono’s version of ‘O Holy Night’ carol will be available on online via her social media platforms and on her eponymous website. 


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Tuesday, April 18, 2017


#justthinking  #meditationtinz


In this performance crazed generation few questions are running through my mind about this thing we call 'ministry'

Are you a worshipper who leads others to Him or a chorus leader who's good in their craft?
Are you a Bible student who's hunger is to know Him and teaches from your overflow or are you one who's become a professional preacher who knows how to mesmerize a crowd with your emptiness?
Are you a professional prayer warrior or an intercessor who loves to be with Him to change the course and tides of life without human recognition?
Are you accorded among the 'best' in your chosen 'Church Career' yet your Character is of utmost question and your secret life does not glorify God?
Are you a disciple of Jesus or a follower of the fish and bread He provides?

Jesus was not a professional but He is the High Priest of our Profession who yet speaks. He lived not for popularity, human accolades and applauds but His life touched and still touches many for ETERNITY'S SAKE! We've been called to raise DISCIPLE!!!

Jesus is coming soon!  MARANATHA!!!


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