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Friday, November 30, 2012

"Flying Pastors"; that bad?

Hmm! Here I am again with my myriads of thoughts. Sometimes, it amazes me how myopic, self-centred, sanctimonious and short-memoried(if there's a word like that) we all can be! I can't say am exempted either but I think we all in the church need to kill the thoughts, attitudes and idiosyncracies (or should I say idiosynCRAZES?), pharisitic notions that we most often express among and between ourselves! Jesus said, by this shall men know that you are my disciples indeed; that you love one another! Amazing! We talk love, preach love but we easily condemn each other and tear down one another at the slightest provocation. We all want to be loved (be honest y'all) yet we are waiting for who'd be the first to reach out in love. At the slightest hint of misdemeanour, misunderstanding or misrepresentation of facts, our tongues start wagging and we tear one another down without remembering that the real enemy that needs defeat requires our concerted effort but unfortunately we've already been defeated within. Jesus said that any kingdom divided against itself cannot stand! Already that statement presupposes that there would be issues that will seek to bring a division within but the responsibility is on us kingdom people, to ensure we remain one and keep the main thing the main thing!! Now here goes my main reason for todays blog. I hear so much hue and cry about the private jets either given to or bought by some of our Nigerian Generals in the Kingdom. Please don't ask me if they were bought with genuine money or not because money is amorphous and indeterminate. Also don't ask me why they should accept gifts of such magnitude with its incumbent recurrent expenses in terms of maintenance, etc. Please don't even ask me about why they would use such gifts when there are thousands of poor people in their congregations who can't afford 3-square meals a day. I stand with Paul who says unto their master they stand or fall. Who am I to judge another man's servant? Besides, have I taken out the logsssssss in my own eye or do I think I have it all together and stand truly blameless before the King if not for the precious Blood of Christ? However, my interest is in the hypocrisy of the current critics and criticisms following the private jet gifts and my question is simple; everyone of us at our level do receive gifts at our level but we don't think the gifts are that magnanimous because they meet our needs at the time and we forget that if sold, the money can be given to the poor too!! That's simply a Judas spirit. Very insincere with ourselves don't you think? How many people within the Kingdom have received car gifts, weddings sponsored, children placed on scholarship, political ambitions sponsored, hospital bills paid, flight tickets paid for, gifts of houses, birthday bashes put together and sponsored by friends, house or office furnishing for free, all expenses paid holidays and you and I know the list is endless. We go for thanksgiving and tag our gifts God's blessings, share the testimony with every ear that's willing to listen and gladly hold on to our gift. Were the poor not around us then? Why didn't we return the gift afterall its still other people's money! Why did we accept gifts that we at the time of receipt couldn't afford but we believe its God's way of lifting us to our next level and making our lives easier! Judas was too quick to speak. When the woman with her Alabaster Box emptied its content on the one she perceived to be and knew was the Messiah, she was criticized. Jesus said; the poor you will ALWAYS have with you! People have broken their Alabaster Box on men they perceive to be sent by God to them and their generation and rather than key into the blessing received and raise a thanksgiving on their behalf, the Judases are raising a criticism! People of God, the enemy is really having a field day in the Church of God and we need to wake up. If an Imam gets a gift of a private jet its no news rather its Allah be praised but if a Pastor gets it; its they are thieves and robbers! Do the Pastors have everything right? No! Are there things I think could be done differently? Oh for sure! Do I think they deserve the gifts? Yes; because no one gives a gift except it proceeds from the heart. If certain hearts feel they deserve it then so be it! Besides, even if the people were cajoled into buying it, am sure it wasn't at gunpoint. Every man is a free moral agent and if deceived, cajoled or lured into such a venture they willing succumbed to be a part of the gift. So people of God let's love one another, for love is of God and everyone who loves is born of God and knows God. He that loves not does not know God. Rejoice with them that rejoice yet mourn with those that mourn. Let's not forget the poor but let's not criticize those who seem to have more or are given more! Till next time! THE CHURCH IS MARCHING ON THE CHURCH IS MARCHING ON THE GATES OF HELL CANNOT PREVAIL THE CHURCH IS MARCHING ON! W: www.chinelodillimono.com E: bookings@chinelodillimono.com

Saturday, November 3, 2012


There was a time when the Church though not as large had such an unquestionable and undoubtedly a spiritual impact on people and nations. The church at that time was highly persecuted yet church folks had undeniable convictions and deep spiritual encounters with the LORD that totally changed the course of the lives of the then believers. In addition to their convictions, men and women gave their lives fully for the gospel. Infact at that time were borne songs like 'I have decided to follow Jesus', 'Follow, follow I will follow Jesus' 'It is enough that Jesus died for me' and other deep heartfelt songs that God's people sang with passion. Being among those who got to meet the Lord at the height of the revival in the 1980s, I often wonder if the gospel we received that cut to the heart and brought about great repentance and decisions to lay all aside, forsake our sin and follow Jesus, is the same in the church today. Its not in our place to judge of course but salvation has fruit and Jesus says we need to produce fruits of repentance if we really have believed. It therefore goes to say that we need to see something to prove the effect of this gospel. The Master Himself declared that by their fruits you shall know them. Followers of Christ are KNOWN by their fruit not by their proffession nor confession! They are not perfect but being perfected and their profitting from the effects of the gospel is SEEN by all. The church was set up by Jesus to be the ground and pillar of truth. It was set up to be the lightbearer of this dark world. It was set up so that when those who are lost and without God look to the church they find direction, order, safety and hope in the church. Now the church has become a place for display of titles, status and quest for more and our insatiable appetites of course never having enough as our so called prayers are filled with ME, MYSELF and I requests. The then Church was a GOING Church and a DOING Church. Their quest was what the Lord will have them do, even at the expense of their lives. The Church today is babysitting, sleeping, complacent and totally oblivious. Compassion in the heart that drove men and women to their knees to ask God to move in the hearts of men is no longer or should I say minimally existent. Sadly enough is that there are countless 'prayer meetings/programs' going on and its been my question, how come there seems to be 'so much prayer', people cracking voices, risking their lives going for night vigils and prayer camps yet very little effect and few answers! Is God Baal? It is simply the evidence of a Lost Church in a Lost World! Just as the world is crying the Church which should be the house of succour and safety is equally crying; lost and uncertain. The Aluu4 that lost their lives in such savegery and in a gruesome manner is proof of the decadence that exists and the complacency in the Church. Its time we woke up to our heavenly call. Its time we rise up and make a difference by taking proactive steps to truly change our world. Its time to influence our world by breaking down our church walls and become God's people on a deliberate mission. Its a season for mission-minded people. Its time to live our purpose-BEING THE LIGHT in this dark world. Its time to live out the true convictions of our faith-Jesus is real and alive and can revolutionize our world if only His people will let Him!!! God bless See you next time! www.chinelodillimono.com